How to authenticate your product?

All our products have anti-fake stickers as per
the image below:

Old Sticker

New Sticker

First Step

The anti-fake stickers is located on the back of the package. If you cannot find or identify it, please return the product immediately to the store where you bought it from.

Second Step

Scratch to identify the unique 16 digits of authenticity
Old Stickers: scratch the area CODE
New Stickers: the metal area where you read ZLAB

Third Step
Check the 16 digits of authenticity:



What to do when you find a counterfeit product?

The first thing to do is return to the store where you bought the product and ask for a refund. Then send us a photo of the receipt and the anti-fake sticker so that we can take legal action and prevent this from happen again.

You can also report the store to the agency:
The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center
Toll Free – (888) 495-8501

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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